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Advantages of Taking up Reflexology

Ever had of reflexology? Have you been to a spa and seen a reflexology offer? This article will help you understand all things reflexology including key advantages. Application of pressure to certain parts of the feet, hands and ears is meant to relieve stress and bring treatment, all of which encompass reflexology. Reflexology finds its roots in ancient Egyptian and Chinese practices and has a myriad of benefits. Due to the intense stress and weight we put on our feet daily, it makes sense that the feet would need some massaging. Well, let us now look at the advantages of reflexology.

The first benefit lies in improved nervous system function. With age comes the problem of nerve insensitivity affecting the nerves far away from the CNS more severely. Reflexology has been known to increase the reactivity and functionality of these nerve endings in just a single session. There exists plenty of correlations between nerves and muscles. One point is that to keep your nerves functional, you must exercise them like muscles. This will clear up any stiffness or blockages that may exist along your neural pathways.

You can also boost bodily energy levels using reflexology. It sometimes may feel as if we are operating at average levels hence we feel rather slow. This is a clear indicator that the process involved in making energy for the body is not as efficient. Reflexology can handle this issue by aligning the functioning of various organs in the body. You can expect a boost in metabolism once this is done. Reflexology can also enhance circulation throughout the body. Faster flow means that blood laden with plenty of oxygen, gets to the necessary body organs in time and there is optimisation of the organ’s function. The end result here will be faster healing and maimed cell replacement.

You can expect higher levels of relaxation from reflexology. As stated earlier, it opens up neural pathways. These open neural routes will provide the avenue for a free flow of neural activity, and hence the body gets relaxed in the process. Reflexology is known to induce calmness in the mind and body thus why it handles sleeping disorders so well. Another key benefit of reflexology is the removal of body toxins. Reflexology is known to boost bladder function and in the process creates a more efficient system for eliminating toxins. This will help reduce illnesses that occur due to these toxins building up in the body.

Reflexology can also have an impact on our cognitive capacity. Clear neural routes allow the brain to handle larger amounts of data better. This means that our memories become better too.

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