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Ways to Cure a Toothache.

The swelling of the pulp is what causes all the pounding pain in or around the tooth that we feel when we have a toothache, but a deeper look links the pain to a tooth cavity which is caused by a tooth decay.
Tooth decay can be prevented by making regular trips to the dentist, avoiding snacks throughout the day, because every time you snack, the sugars in the snacks combine with plaque in your mouth to create plaque acid, which damages your teeth.

Taking a painkiller can go a long way in easing pain that pounds your head due to a toothache. When you have a toothache, special nerve endings send pain messages back to your brain and so painkilling drugs interfere with these messages, in order to cut out pain in your tooth.

Be creative and create a cold compress using a Ziploc bag and filling it with a lot of ice, as this will go a long way in easing the pain that you’re feeling in your tooth and spreading quick to your head.

Another quick remedy for a toothache is definitely the salt rinse that is made by dissolving half a teaspoon of water to about 8 ounces/240 ml of water and gargling it, then spitting it out, and be certain not to swallow it.

Another quick remedy is that of cleaning the area using a cotton swab that is soaked with Hydrogen Peroxide, since it will disinfect the hurting area, like any other wound in the body, but greatly avoid swallowing the Hydrogen Peroxide as it is poisonous.

Take a cotton swab and dip it in clove oil then gently rub it over the tooth and this should work just as well as the component in drugs that are obtained over the counter, since it is a natural remedy.

Take advantage of the healing property of peppermint tea by dissolving dried peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water and steep for 20 minutes, gargle it in your mouth after it cools and spit it or swallow it for the best results and a pain-free tooth.

If you are in severe pain and wish to get quick relief, you should go for over the counter drugs from any of your nearest drug stores and get a liquid or a gel to relief your pain, owing to the presence of benzocaine in the said liquids, meant to be used for a short time.

All said and done, you are advised to visit a dentist for a check-up, to identify the source, and the remedy of the problem, since it may be an underlying issue that needs more medical attention than it already has.

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